Thanks for a busy Saturday Market season!

The Maple Tree Gallery was at the PR Saturday Market for 5 weekends in July and August, and also at the PR Arts & Music Festival next to the Friends of the PR Library booth.  Here are photos of both booths!  Thanks for a great summer everyone!

Maple Tree Gallery Table at the Arts & Music Festival

Don and Judy raising funds for the New Library

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We opened our small, seasonal gallery in 2005, selling locally produced fine arts and crafts.  We love working with our hands, and making beautiful things.  If you find something you like on this site, contact us by email, or try our Etsy store for online sales.  We also accept commissioned orders, but our work is time consuming and meticulous, so please don’t ask us to rush the creative process.

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Silk Velvet Scarves

A Rainbow of Velvet

Rose’s favorite item in the store has been her hand-dyed velvet scarves.  She dyes them herself, with cold-water dyes in the summer months.  There are solid velvet scarves, and devore´patterned scarves, all made from a rayon/silk combination woven velvet.  They can be hand-washed, but best line dried, as the ones with fringe are a nuisance to untangle.

The hand-dyeing process is time consuming and labor intensive, so we don’t have many of these to sell at any one time.  Email for color/style availability.  They all measure 9″ x 54″, some with 4″ fringe.

There are also some silk satin devore scarves for sale too, these are lighter weight, more suitable for summer.

Solid and Patterned Scarves

Leaf Scarf

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Minky Blankets and Scarves

Minky Baby Blankets

Rose has been making baby blankets forever.  Lately she found this fabulously silky and soft new fabric called “Minky” which is NOT made from actual pastel-dyed minks.  It’s heat-set 100% polyester velvet knit in a myriad of colors and patterns.  She makes small, receiving blanket size baby blankets that are the ultimate newborn gift.  They’re popular with other small kids too, and even adults.  They sell for $40. each.

For adults, she started making Minky Scarves:

Narrow Minky Neck Scarves

The colors vary, but they are all mostly about 50″ long, and 6″ or 7″ wide.  They are WARM!  Not for tropical climates or mild winter areas. But great for the true winter cold.  Easy care – wash warm, but dry on LOW to keep those cute roses intact.

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Discharge Dyed Teeshirts

Discharge Dyed Teeshirt

Discharge Dyed Teeshirt

Rose made several discharge dyed (bleach tie-dye) men’s teeshirts, in childrens and adult sizes for sale in the summer season.  We have several of these items, in a range of sizes.  Most of them are black shirts, but a few of the kid’s shirts are red or blue.  Some say “Point Roberts”, in the logo that George designed that looks like our peninsula.  Most are without a logo.  Sizes ranged from baby (2/4) to big guy 3x.  Contact us for more information.

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Jadydid’s Hats

Jade's Knitted Hats

George’s daughter Jade makes these soft knitted hats out of non-shrinkable acrylic yarn.  They can be washed and dried without problem and they are warm and stylish.  They come in three sizes:

Tiny, for newborns

Medium, for children

Large, for teens and adults

XL’s are really longer Larges with room to roll the brim up

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Putumayo World Music

Putumayo World Music CD’s

We started off selling Putumayo music from day one.  We both enjoy some of their collections of world music.

Our taste is more the “dinner music” type, that allows easy conversation over the happy, upbeat melodies.  Our two favorite CD’s are Cape Verde, and Music From the Coffee Lands.

Contact us to see what stock we still have on hand.

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Herbal Tinctures and Beach Pamphlets

Rose grows and makes her own herbal tinctures.  She offers a few types for sale:   Rose’s Monthly Mood Juice is Motherwort;  Rose’s Happy Juice is St. John’s Wort, and George’s Flu and Tummy Tonic is White Flowering Yarrow.  Dropper Bottles are 30 ml.  Email us if you want to see the labels.

Rose’s Herbal Tinctures & Harbour Publishing’s fantastic beach rock, shell, and mammal pamphlets

Harbour Publishing, out of Madiera Park in British Columbia, Canada, puts out some really wonderful publications.  These three plastic coated pamplets describe our beach area:

A Field Guide for the Identification of Pebbles

Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest

A Field Guide to Seashells and Shellfish of the Pacific Northwest

The Beach Pebbles one is especially wonderful – beach rocks named and classified!

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